Baby-Sitters Club Welcome Kits

Program Audience
People without internet access/technology

Program Type
Non-digital, take-away activities

Brief description:
Baby-Sitters Club Welcome Kits, mailed to participant's homes

How-to for this program:

Baby-Sitters Club Membership Kits included:

  • Welcome Kit:
    • Welcome Letter from Babysitters
    • Baby Sitters Club Memorabilia
    • Baby Sitters Club Babysitting Guide
    • Membership Card
  • Training Bag from Kristy (Leadership)
  • Training Bag from Claudia (Arts & Crafts)
  • Training Bag from Mary Anne (Organization)
  • Training Bag from Stacey (Fun)
  • Training Bag from Dawn (Environment & Activism)

Each bag included a letter from that babysitter and an activity or two connected to the particular babysitter's passions. 

Materials Needed: Varies based on kit contents you want to replicate. All files available to download as PDFs at links below. Email for editable Publisher files.

Technology Needed: Computer to edit files and printer. No tech needed for participants. 

Time Required for Planning: 5 hours+ 

Time Required for Presentation: No presentation, mailed to participants

Download all files to replicate:

Contact person:
Annamarie Carlson
Westerville Public Library