Book Character BINGO

Program Audience

Program Type
Reader's Advisory

Brief description:
Play a live game of BINGO starring your favorite--and maybe a few new--book characters.

How-to for this program:

Download BINGO boards from link below to share with participants. Print out boards for participants to pick up at the library, or encourage them to download to print themselves or play digitally using a BINGO screenshot and a paint program.

Our game lasted about 40 minutes with three rounds: two for five-in-a-row and another coverall round. All 24 (plus free space) icons are on every card, so by the end of the last game, everyone playing has earned at least one BINGO. 

Our boards included 24 children's book characters, spanning age and interest from birth to age 11. Some characters are familiar; others may be new to viewers. Use the game as an opportunity to book talk these character's corresponding titles. 

Share your program as a livestream, either through a social media channel (Facebook) or a closed group event (Zoom). 

Materials Needed: BINGO cards for players (download at link below), BINGO calling slips (download below), jar to pull slips from, lots of excitement

Time Required for Planning: Whatever is needed to test software

Time Required for Presentation: 30-40 minutes

Download BINGO Boards, Calling Slips, Certificate, and more:

Contact person:
Annamarie Carlson
Westerville Public Library