Book Club in a Bag: Wings of Fire Kit

Program Audience

Program Type
Book Club
Grab and Go Bag
Non-digital, take-away activities

Brief description:
Wings of Fire Book Club in a Bag kits. Include readalikes, discussion questions, crafts, and more.

How-to for this program:

Book Club in a Bag Wings of Fire Kits included:

  • List of books in series
  • List of recommended readalike books
  • List of discussion questions
  • Swag (bookmarks)
  • Crafts:
    • Which Dragon Are You? Quiz
    • Memory Game
    • Flying Dragon Craft

Materials Needed: Varies based on kit contents you want to replicate, mostly cardstock and printer paper in various sizes. All files available to download as PDFs at links below. Email for editable Publisher files.

Technology Needed: Computer to edit files and printer. No tech needed for participants. 

Time Required for Planning: 5 hours+ (minimal if use files linked below)

Time Required for Presentation: No presentation, available for pickup

Download all files to replicate:

Contact person:
Annamarie Carlson
Westerville Public Library