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Author: Don Yarman

OPLIN 4Cast #786: The NFT backlash is now in full swing

Posted in 4cast, and Trends

Last week a friend got a free NFT for seeing a movie, but found that creating an account just to see it—a simple animation clip, like a GIF—was not worth the effort: “really dumb” was his assessment. While many sectors are treating the advent of NFT like a gold rush, a backlash seems to be growing, with a lot resistance originating in the gamer community.


OPLIN 4Cast #784: CES might be partially digital, but exciting things still coming

Posted in 4cast

Each January in Las Vegas, the Consumer Technology Association holds the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), where many world-changing gadgets and innovations have debuted: VCRs, satellite…


OPLIN 4Cast #780: Wired earbuds are inherently more secure

Posted in Bluetooth

A puff piece in Politico this week poked fun at Vice President Kamala Harris’s use of wired earbuds and her preference for texting over e-mail, calling her “Bluetooth-phobic” and paranoid. “Should someone who travels with the nuclear football be spending time untangling her headphone wires?,” they ask. Given that there are 495 publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in Bluetooth, I’d say it’s not paranoia if someone is really spying on you.