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Month: March 2022

OPLIN 4Cast #794: Is the U.S. about to get its own digital dollar?

Posted in cryptocurrency

We’ve certainly covered cryptocurrency here before, and even discussed how my husband is mining it and simultaneously heating his office. But, in every prior case, the crypto under discussion was backed by a third party. What if the United States had its own? The rumors are not just flying…the U.S. is actively investigating what it might take for it to have its own digital currency.


OPLIN 4Cast #793: Facial recognition might be more well-known, but the problems only increase

Posted in facial recognition

“This is one of many important wins to come, and I think everyone really has to ask, ‘What kind of society do we want to live in? Do we want the face to be the final frontier of privacy?'”–Joy Buolamwini, founder and executive director of Algorithmic Justice League