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Month: April 2022

OPLIN 4Cast #800: Web3 is here. Get off my lawn.

Posted in web3

The emergence of the next version of the web reminds me strongly of its predecessor; web3 is also somewhat nebulous as a concept and generating a lot of interest and hype. A large number of seemingly-disparate innovations claim to be part of the new web, including the metaverse, NFTs, crypto, and a lot more. Personally, I think a lot of these developments are


OPLIN 4Cast #799: Are digital drugs a thing?

Posted in 4cast, and Binaural beats

I’ve admitted to being a TikTok addict publicly, and one of the types of content that TikTok’s algorithm will periodically pop up for me is that of digital sounds that allegedly “do something.” If I listen, I will purportedly relax, feel less stress or perhaps experience something else. I haven’t really paid much attention to these, and have usually just scrolled on by. But a recent news story has made me wonder if there’s something to these. Are “digital drugs” a thing? As it turns out…yes.