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OPLIN 4Cast #803: Data privacy is a bathroom door

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You may say that you don’t care about privacy but, assuredly, you do. If you close the door when you go to the bathroom, you absolutely do care. Often, online, keeping the bathroom door closed isn’t even an option, and it’s making many people increasingly uncomfortable. As well it should.


OPLIN 4Cast #755: This entertaining app is hot right now, but is it safe?

Posted in 4cast, Google Apps, portable apps, and privacy

When I first saw my friends posting these, I immediately found them fun and charming, and had to download the app and take it for a run. Only after did it occur to me that maybe this wasn’t the brightest thing to have done.


OPLIN 4Cast #733: Tim Berners-Lee is remaking the Web to be private

Posted in 4cast, and privacy

Even Tim Berners-Lee, the man widely accredited with the creation of the web, acknowledges that the original intentions of his invention have been subverted and it has turned into something dystopian. In an effort to make something better, that accounts for the rights of the individual over those of Big Tech, he’s created a startup, called Inrupt, that’s been making news headlines.